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Heather Foster Psychotherapy, EMDR, Art Therapy, LGBTQ, teens, adults, couples

Heather Foster

Licensed Creative Arts Therapist (LCAT)
Art Therapist Registered - Board Certified (ATR-BC)
EMDR practitioner

People seek Heather's services because they want change. They want to feel heard and seen. They want to feel that they matter. And, they want to be active participants in the change they are seeking. Whether it is through increasing self-awareness, making meaning of distressing life events, uncovering patterns of generational trauma, or even finding laughter, engaging in therapy can bring a person closer to themself. Heather supports her clients in gaining clarity and insight, and in breaking cycles that contribute to obstacles to their happiness and fulfillment. 


Individual Therapy (teen and adult)
Couples Therapy
Creative Arts Therapies
Eye Movement Desensitization and Reprocessing

Heather's services support teenagers, adults, and couples, in helping them find ways to ground themselves in stressful moments, process memories of experiences that felt unsafe, and open up new avenues for how they see themselves in the future. 

You might reach out to Heather if:


*You are struggling with feeling anxious, depressed, stuck, or hopeless.

*You are in the middle of, or preparing for a life transition.

*You have PTSD/C-PTSD (flashbacks, nightmares/night terrors, intrusive

  thoughts, feelings of dissociation or not feeling yourself).

*You have OCD, or similar symptoms, and would like to try a trauma-

  informed approach to treat your symptoms. 

*You have questions about how your own substance use, or a loved

  one's, might be affecting you and your relationships.

*You and/or your family are members of the LGBTQIA+ communities and

  want a therapist who is affirming

*You are an artist, writer, musician, or actor and want a therapist who

  values creativity. 

*You would like to gain insight into yourself and have a better

  understanding of your emotional world. 

*You aren't certain yet why you want therapy but know that you want or

  need someone to talk to who wants to listen.

*You and your partner/spouse would like to have a non-judgmental

  space to explore your relationship. 


Contact Me

If you would like to schedule a free 15--minute phone consultation or a full initial session, feel free to reach out either by email or the form below.

Provider of Telehealth and in-person psychotherapy to people living in

New York State.

Office located in Downtown Brooklyn.

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