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What are your fees?

Heather's fees vary depending on the type of service and range from $200 - $350. She also has occasional sliding scale openings based upon the referral's income. If you think you might need sliding scale, please inquire about these rates during the consultation call.

Do you take insurance?

Heather does not take insurance. If you would like to try to use out of network benefits (OON), Heather can provide you with a superbill (a type of receipt used for processing claims). Something to note is that insurance companies require a diagnosis in order to process claims, even if a person does not qualify for a diagnosis. For this reason, Heather only provides superbills to those who ask for them, and to those who give consent to receive a mental health diagnosis. Receiving a superbill does not guarantee reimbursement by insurance. 

The No Surprises Act was initially created to protect consumers from surprise bills and balance billing from places like hospitals and doctors offices. Therapists have been looped into the No Surprises Act even though the services are very different. Federal law stipulates that referrals/clients have a right to receive a Good Faith Estimate (GFE); if not provided with a GFE, you may ask for one. The GFE is provided for general services and does not include emergency or unexpected services. Acknowledging receipt of a GFE does not mean a referral/client has to commit to the services. For more information you can visit ----- https:/

Why don't you take insurance?

While using insurance might be financially necessary at times, there are some important details to consider as many insurances do not cover any form of therapy and couples therapy is often not covered. When using insurance, the number of sessions deemed appropriate for treatment is often determined by the insurance company, not the therapist and client. Insurance companies can request and store private information even if the information is protected by confidentiality. If the therapist/client declines to share private information with the insurance company, the insurance company might deny coverage for services. The insurance company can also deny coverage based upon diagnosis. In addition, if a person loses their insurance, switches insurance providers, or if the insurance company begins to deny coverage, a client might not be able to continue with their therapist if they wish to continue using insurances. 


Do you have a cancellation policy?

Heather has a 48--hour cancellation policy. If cancelling prior to 48--hours, there is no cancellation fee. If cancelling within 48--hours, clients will be responsible for the full session fee.

Heather Foster Psychotherapy, for teens, adults, and couples
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