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Individual sessions: $250 for 50 minutes

Couples sessions: $350 for 55minutes.

At this time, Heather's sliding scale times are full. If needing sliding scale, feel free to reach out and Heather can offer recommendations for clinicians who might have current sliding scale availability.  

Rates for supervision: Please inquire

Do you take insurance?

Heather is not in-network with any insurances. Upon request, she can provide a superbill for potential OON reimbursement. 

Do you need to be creative to see an art therapist? 

Not at all! We are all innately creative, and it shows up in different ways depending on the person. Using therapies like art therapy, music therapy, drama therapy, movement therapy, parts work, and EMDR can provide an integrative, personalized, holistic approach to therapy that helps the brain, body, and emotions make new connections, leading to new ways of thinking and feeling, and being able to self-regulate. These therapies can act as stand alone approaches to your sessions and can also be incorporated into verbal psychotherapy in a way that works for you.

Do you have a cancellation policy?

Heather has a 48--hour cancellation policy. If cancelling prior to 48--hours, there is no cancellation fee. If cancelling within 48--hours, clients will be responsible for the full session fee.

Heather Foster Psychotherapy, for teens, adults, and couples
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